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Robot Farms (1982)

The 1982 book Our Future Needs (World of Tomorrow) contains this two-page spread of robot farms of the future. No, they don't grow robots. The robots just work on the farms. But combine the idea of robot farms and the robot rebellion we looked at a few months back and you've got a hilariously horrifying combination.

Look at this fruit farm of the future. There are at least three things that make it different from a farm of today. The first, of course, is that robots are picking the oranges. The second is that the orange trees are not growing in any soil. Now look at the landscape to spot the third difference. The farm is situated in an arid region where little rain falls from the sky. Today, such regions are virtually uninhabited and useless. These three difference show how robot farms of the future will be able to produce more food for the world's people than farming can today.

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Reader Comments (1)

I can imagine Oranges being grown this way on a huge O'Neill cylinder space colony, only the purpose is to then have the robots squeeze the oranges, saving the juice in a huge container where it is frozen into a ball, adding more juice to it each day, until it is a around a mile in diameter of frozen OJ.
Then a parasol would keep it in the shade as it is moved from the colony by small worker-bee-type maintenence craft, nudged from L5 to a collision course with earth - the parasol would be removed and it would become a giant OJ comet, ready to stab the Earth just like the human OJ stabbed Nicole ;)

August 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJoe

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