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Nuclear Winter: Poetry for the Apocalypse (1986)

This past September I was wandering the shelves of a Half Price Books in Austin, TX when I stumbled upon the most peculiar little book. Titled Nuclear Winter, this book from 1986 was aesthetically unimpressive, with its cover design rivaling the very worst masturbatory self-published volumes on Lulu. I instantly thought that the washed out black of the cover was likely a product of poor printing from a small indie publisher rather than the 25 years it had been sitting dormant.

Written by Stephen Daniel Mings, the book is a collection of 43 poems, each written from the perspective of a different person who has surivived a global nuclear war. Needless to say, it's a bit of a downer. This book of poetry is not recommended for getting your main squeeze in the mood, as Emily Dickinson's darkest lines would likely be more successful in that endeavor.

Nuclear Winter presents the viewpoints of individual nuclear holocaust victims, some adult, some children, in different locations and circumstances, who have survived the first shock of a major nuclear war. The poems are arranged in the order I wrote them between October and December 1985. They reveal a world in the grip of nuclear winter where snow and ice, changed weather patterns and grey clouded skies are made worse by the radioactive refuse of a planetary nuclear battleground.

My purpose is to alert the reader to the danger of a major nuclear war. I do not believe such a war is likely today, but it is more likely than it was ten or twenty years ago and if something is not done to prevent it, such a war will grow increasingly possible. Read the poems, see the consequences and avert the war. (February 1986)


Below is poem number eleven, titled Dear Santa.


Dear Santa, please hurry here.

Our daughter Marie is only four

but her logic is as clear

as midnight broken by the searing light

of the bomb blast.

She's afraid you aren't coming

because the shelter has no chimney,

only an air vent to filter out death.

She smiled a little when we told her

she'd join you in heaven.

But the morphine is almost gone and 

she won't be able to smile much longer.


--a woman

Puget Sound

North America



The Late Great Planet Earth (1976)

The trailer for the 1976 film The Late Great Planet Earth, based on the book by Hal Lindsey, follows a formula you're probably familiar with by now.

Apocalypse porn of the 1970s, like The Late Great Planet Earth and Future Shock, push the idea that "my generation" is special. Late Great contends that many people of the past have predicted the end of the world is near, (and though the world is obviously still here), our generation is special! Our generation will truly see the End Times!

The Late Great Planet Earth, like Future Shock, was hosted by Orson Welles. I'm not sure if Welles was just cashing a paycheck or if he believed what he was selling, but as we've seen repeatedly on this blog people seem particularly receptive to apocalyptic messages during tough economic times.

Late Great Planet Earth trailer
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Then, as now, Man believed himself too sophisticated for prophecies. But now, prophetic pattern exist that cannot be forgotten, cannot be ignored.


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The Prophetic Year 2000 (1968)

In his 1968 book Criswell Predicts "psychic" Jeron Criswell persuaded with impeccable logic. Because no prophets have mentioned any year after 2000 the world will most surely come to an end before that year.

"A study of all prophets - Nostradomus, St. Odile, Mother Shipton, the Bible - indicates that we will cease to exist before the year 2000! Not one of these prophets even took the trouble to predict beyond the year 2000! And if you and I meet each other on the street that fateful day, August 18, 1999, and we chat about what we will do on the morrow, we will open our mouths to speak and no words will come out, for we have no future... you and I will suddenly run out of time! Who knows but what future generation from some other planet will dig down through seven layers of rubble and find us some 2,000 years hence, and crowd around a museum glass containing a broken fragment of a Coca Cola bottle, a bent hairpin and a parched copy of our Bible which managed to escape the terrifying destruction of civilization! They will wonder what on earth was meant by the words 'Henry Ford' or 'Hollywood' ... and what in heaven's name was a Criswell!"

The excerpt above was found in the book Bad Predictions by Laura Lee.

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Nuclear War Revisited (2006)

In case a flyer wasn't clear enough, the House of Yahweh posted video of their September 12, 2006 nuclear war prophecy.

"Prophecy shows that nuclear war will start September the 12th, 2006. A third part of the people will be killed over a fourth part of the earth. If you live this long you are going to see this take place. We're in the last three and a half years of prophecy that shows that mankind will almost totally destroy himself before this thing is over."

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Nuclear War to Start September 12, 2006

You have to admire a man with the "cahones" to put a date on his prophecies even if that means becoming a laughingstock.

Excerpted from the House of Yahweh newsletter found in late August of 2006 near the Minnesota State Fairgrounds:

"My Dear Friends, We must warn the world of nuclear wars that will start no later than September 12, 2006. You need to take part in this Last Days Work of Yahweh."

According to their website the House of Yahweh now claims that a "nuclear baby was conceived September 12, 2006 and will be born June 12, 2007," which is an interesting revision of their original claim.

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