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Aerial War of the Not-Distant Future (1900)

This illustration of an "aerial battle of the not-distant future" appeared in the November 20, 1900 Duluth Evening Herald (Duluth, MN). As with most of my posts involving newspapers from Minnesota, this image was found in the microfilm library of the Minnesota History Center. A special thank you to the MNHS for keeping their facilities top-notch.

NOW THE THRILLING AERIAL COMBAT. American inventors stimulated by success of the Zeppelin balloon. Airships fighting craft of the future.

Count Zeppelin, the great German balloon-builder, is responsible for a wave of aeronautic enthusiams spreading rapidly over the United States. Our artist has drawn a stirring picture of an aerial battle of the not-distant future.

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Santa's Reindeer Out of Work (1900)

The December 22, 1900 Duluth Evening Herald (Duluth, MN) ran this illustration of the 20th Century Santa who, naturally, uses a flying machine. Those poor reindeer, now out of work, have been replaced by machines.



No old-fashioned reindeer for him - he skims over house tops in a flying machine.

Twentieth Century locomotion alone appeals to good St. Nicholas. Reindeer were all right for him a few years agone, but now he demand the swiftest of automobiles. There is something fine in this conception of the good old man making the rounds on the last Christmas of the century.

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