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Man's Life in the Space Age (1962)

Fun House has posted some fun images from the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle, which was also known as the "Century 21 Exposition." The image above is a map which "illustrates your trip through the World of Century 21."

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Robot Halloween Costumes (1950s)

Flickr user Neato Coolville has this great photo from the 1950s of kids dressed as robots for Halloween.

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Flickr Group: In the Year 2000

The Paleo-Future blog and Boing Boing Gadgets have started a Flickr group called In the Year 2000. As Joel over at BB Gadgets has noted, there is already great interest in the group (211 members so far) along with some great images. I hope to see this community grow because I've already found many images that I've never seen before.

The image above is from 1969 and taken from the Soviet magazine Teknika Molodezhi. Flickrtarian Avi Abrams added it to the group.

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Postmodern Paleo-Future Art

The Flickr group Wasn't the Future Wonderful? has some great examples of postmodern paleo-future art. These pieces co-opt and remix past visions of the future, giving an interesting context to current visions of the future.

Kozmonaut by ART NAHPRO

eye lines by Nesster

Moonweb by Matt West

Au Revoir Planet Earth by Mattijn

Soon Mariska, Soon by john_bolin2002


The New Christy Minstrels (1966)

I came across this New Christy Minstrels album cover in the Retro Records Flickr Group. Clothes of the paleo-future are often impractical but I really don't mind what this woman is wearing. The bug-eyed helmet is the only thing that seems absurdly unnecessary. Otherwise, it seems like pretty standard 1960's mod fashion.


Syd Mead

As a robot designer for Short Circuit, concept artist for Tron, a production illustrator for the first Star Trek movie and a "visual futurist" for Blade Runner, Syd Mead has contributed to the paleo-future through some amazing movies.

Flickrtarian Michael Heilemann recently posted a set of Syd Mead concept art. Be sure to check out the Paleo-Future Flickr group started by trixiebedlam.


Desolation Row

CantikFotos has a great collection of photos from Taiwan of a housing development that was never completed. The set is called Desolation Row and has a companion set called Desolation Row Redux.

Someone posted it to Digg back in July. I contacted the photographer and he didn't know the backstory to the development but "ahfoo" on Digg claims to have lived within walking distance of these buildings. Their theory, which seems most credible, was that a falling out between the business partners led to the development never being finalized.

You can see the development from above via Google Maps.