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Dec132010 [apocalypse]

The shiny happy futurism of the 1950s gave way to much darker predictions for humanity in the 1970s. With energy crises, fears of terrorism and skyrocketing unemployment, it's really no wonder that Americans of the 1970s were often pessimistic about the future. 

Out of this dread, the apocsploitation film was born. 

Movies like Future Shock and The Late Great Planet Earth served up apocalyptic visions of the American future, both secular and religious. The second episode of looks at the doomsday documentary films of this era, which strangely enough all seemed to be hosted by Orson Welles. The production values in this episode still leave much to be desired, but I hope you enjoy it!



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The Late Great Planet Earth (1976)

The trailer for the 1976 film The Late Great Planet Earth, based on the book by Hal Lindsey, follows a formula you're probably familiar with by now.

Apocalypse porn of the 1970s, like The Late Great Planet Earth and Future Shock, push the idea that "my generation" is special. Late Great contends that many people of the past have predicted the end of the world is near, (and though the world is obviously still here), our generation is special! Our generation will truly see the End Times!

The Late Great Planet Earth, like Future Shock, was hosted by Orson Welles. I'm not sure if Welles was just cashing a paycheck or if he believed what he was selling, but as we've seen repeatedly on this blog people seem particularly receptive to apocalyptic messages during tough economic times.

Late Great Planet Earth trailer
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Then, as now, Man believed himself too sophisticated for prophecies. But now, prophetic pattern exist that cannot be forgotten, cannot be ignored.


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