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Automobiles Without Wheels (1958)

The October 15, 1958 Lethbridge Herald (Lethbridge, Alberta) ran a story describing the transportation options of the future. Below are excerpts as well as the piece in its entirety.

The kind of automobile that futuristic artists have portrayed since the late 1920's and science fiction writers dream about may be closer than we think.

[The car of the future] may have no actual physical contact with the roadway when it travels or maybe just one wheel; electronic bumpers may surround it so that accidents at ultra-high speeds will be rare, power may come from a central source or perhaps through a ribbon in the pavement.

A hovering, helicopter-like vehicle is expected to become an actuality yet this year....

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Paleo-Future reader artbot recently turned my attention to the monowheel, the awkward contraption featured on the 1932 Popular Science cover on the right and the photograph below.

Sometimes the promise of the paleo-future can give us all wonderfully hilarious visuals such as the excerpt from Wikipedia featured below. It gets us acquainted with the dangers of "gerbiling."

"In most designs, if the driver accelerates or brakes too hard, it is possible that the force applied overcomes the force of gravity keeping the rider at the bottom of the wheel, sending the rider spinning around the inside of the wheel. This is known as gerbiling, because it has some similarity to the situation of a gerbil running too quickly inside of a hamster wheel."

For more great monowheel pictures, (albeit none with gerbiling), check out this site.