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Whole Meal in Pill (1923)

The August 17, 1923 Rock Valley Bee (Rock Valley, IA) ran a short piece titled, "Whole Meal in Pill Is Scientist's Dream." The entire piece appears below.

A good hearty meal, all in one pill that can be carried in a vest pocket, is the dream of scientists of today, according to Hugh S. Cummings, surgeon general of the public health service.


Some day dish washing and the dinner table will be gone and forgotten. The farthest scientists have progressed, according to Mr. Cummings, is to remove all the water from foods and condense them some 70 per cent.

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Future Shock - Electrical Stimulation (1972)

This clip from the 1972 film Future Shock depicts a man of the future starting his day with IQ pills and anti-depressant electrical shocks.

A number of years from now, perhaps when a person gets up in the morning and has to take the drug to bring his IQ up to the appropriate level, slap on the battery pack so that whenever he gets depressed he can press a lever and turn on electrical stimulation which delights him a little bit.



You can find Future Shock on the DVD Yesterday's Tomorrows Today, released by A/V Geeks.

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