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Are We Heading Toward the Day Everything Stops? (1968)

My friend Brian Horrigan, co-author of the retro-futurism bible Yesterday's Tomorrows, writes a blog for the Minnesota Historical Society called Covering 1968. Brian recently blogged about the cover of the December 14, 1968 Saturday Evening Post. Its headline, "Are We Heading Toward the Day Everything Stops?" is an odd juxtaposition against the colorful (though certainly crowded) world depicted by illustrator Gene Holtan.

As Brian notes, the illustration style pays homage to popular futuristic images of the late 19th and early 20th century, like this one from an 1895 issue of Judge magazine. An excerpt from Brian's post appears below.

The editors of the Saturday Evening Post suggest here that 1968 was similarly full of warning bells–and this time the “future shock” had to do with massive infrastructural gridlock.  ”We are going very fast just to stay where we are,” the editors write.  The nation has a choice of where it will be in 25 years (that is, 1993):  ”Either an efficiently computerized and integrated transportation system . . . or an air-land-and-sea traffic jam so enormous that it will bring our entire society to a virtual standstill.” 

If you live in the Twin Cities and don't yet have plans for Groundhog Day (I realize this is a very busy holiday for people) come to the Turf Club in St. Paul where Brian Horrigan and myself will be talking (and drinking) at the Minnesota Historical Society event, The History of Hip: Yesterday's Tomorrows.

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Motorola Television Revisited (1961-1963)

Today we have more Motorola television ads from illustrator Charles Schridde. If you recall, this series ran in Life Magazine and the Saturday Evening Post from 1961 until 1963 and was immensely popular for its elegant, futuristic look.

According to the book Window to the Future by Steve Kosareff the ad pictured on the right was the very first and "public response was so great that Motorola asked Schridde (even after he left the ad agency that Motorola had hired) to continue with a series of similar illustrations for its home electronics advertisements."

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Motorola Television (1961-1963)

The Motorola television ads below ran in Life magazine and The Saturday Evening Post from 1961 until 1963. These, along with other print ads from the Golden Age of Television can be found in the book Window to the Future by Steve Kosareff. The illustrations posted here are all by Charles Schridde.

The illustrations all have a very clean look. The TV is obviously quite prominently displayed and people seem to be enjoying themselves. The boy in the aquarium intrigues me the most. Is he so enthralled by television that he can't stay away from it long enough to enjoy swimming in the futuristic pool attached to his house?