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2063 A.D. Book (1963)

Due to popular demand, I have uploaded a free PDF of the book 2063 A.D. in its entirety. To purchase a print copy of the book you can find it at my Lulu storefront.

For those just joining us, 2063 A.D. was a book published in 1963 by General Dynamics Astronautics. The book asked politicians, military commanders and scientists to speculate as to where humanity would be, a hundred years hence, in the great push towards space.

A copy of the limited print book (only 200 are believed to have been produced) was included in the time capsule at General Dynamics Astronautics headquarters in San Diego. The building was torn down in the late 1990s and the time capsule is believed to have perished. The book gives some great insight into the general sense of optimism that so typifies 1960s futurism. Space colonies? Sure! Martian life? Why not! Teleportation? Easier than commercial space flight!

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Welcome to Moonbase (1987)

The 1987 book Welcome to Moonbase describes the "history" of colonizing the moon. The manual explains "lunar manufacturing," "job guidelines," and "lunar tourism," among other things. Stay tuned as we explore this fascinating book from the paleo-future.

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Factories in Space (1982)

The 1982 book The Kids' Whole Future Catalog made the rather ambitious prediction of entire industries sprouting up in space by the year 2000.

In the future, products from space will be in great demand. Economists are predicting a 20 billion dollar market for space-made goods by the year 2000.

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