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Magic Highway U.S.A. Publicity Stills (1958)

Magic Highway U.S.A. Publicity Stills (1958)

Magic Highway Miehana 6.jpg

Kevin Kidney has uploaded some amazing Magic Highway, U.S.A. images taken straight from publicity stills of the era. He cleaned them up, spending upwards of an hour and a half on each image. As a Disney artist for over 22 years, Kevin's Flickr account also contains great examples of his work on Disney collectibles. Kevin currently works as a freelance designer.

Magic Highway Miehana 5.jpg
Magic Highway Miehana 4.jpg
Magic Highway Miehana 3.jpg
Magic Highway Miehana 2.jpg
Magic Highway Miehana.jpg

You can learn more about “Magic Highway, U.S.A.” here.

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