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Challenge of Outer Space (circa 1950s)

Challenge of Outer Space (circa 1950s)

Wernher von Braun begins the film Challenge of Outer Space by saying, "The conquest of outer space is the greatest technological challenge of the age in which we live."

Even before a manned mission to the moon the nation's top space scientists were speculating about what space stations would look like. I find it difficult to mentally put myself in an era when space exploration had not yet occurred, but films like this help a great deal.

The torodial space colony is featured heavily in the film and is a favorite among those depicting space stations of the future.

Above is a short clip [Update: I’ve now uploaded the entire thing] of the 30 minute film and I hope to explore Challenges of Outer Space in depth as more information about this paleo-futuristic wonder becomes available.

Challenge of Outer Space 4 paleo-future paleofuture.jpg
Challenge of Outer Space 2 paleofuture paleo-future.jpg
Challenge of Outer Space 3 paleofuture paleo-future.jpg

There is very little information about Challenge of Outer Space on the web, including the year. Any additional information you may have about this film is much appreciated.

Update: The Dan Beaumont Space Museum has a pretty rough version of the film on YouTube and claims it was produced by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1955. I’ve uploaded the entire film on YouTube in a better quality.

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