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Computers the size of a room (1970)

While this image of the 1954 "computer of the future" is a hoax that still manages to pop up whenever the topic turns to paleo-futurism, I recently came across a hilarious quote from the 1970 book The End of the Twentieth Century? along much the same line of thinking.

This excerpt, from page 71, illustrates the lack of imagination we often have when it comes to technology and thinking exponentially:

"Computers will benefit even more than telephones from the development of integrated circuits in ever smaller 'chips', and very small computers may emerge. Most computers will probably still occupy a large room, however, because of the space needed for the ancillary software - the tapes and cards to be fed in, the operating staff, and the huge piles of paper for printing out the results. But future computers, though no smaller, will be capable of doing far more than their predecessors.

Lunar High Jump (1979)

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