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McFly 2015

The McFly 2015 project is incredibly focused. Its single goal is to entice Nike to produce the paleo-futuristic shoes worn my Michael J. Fox in the movie Back to the Future: Part II. The project was launched in April of 2007 by the Maloof brothers (Michael and Charles). When I emailed them I got a response outlining their future plans:

We are currently producing an official commercial for the project that will be available on YouTube, iFilm and other online video sites. We are also making official McFLY 2015 button pins and stickers because there has been a huge demand from all those who have signed up, the American rock band Whirlwind Heat (they were discovered by Jack White of The White Stripes) even asked their fans to sign up so they can rock the McFLYs on stage during a rock show.

A cynic can view this entire campaign as a great way to sell a brand without a product. Selling a sense of community centered around the idea of longing for the paleo-future? Brilliant. These guys are going to sell a lot of buttons and stickers. I'd be surprised if you couldn't find a McFly 2015 t-shirt soon.

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