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Spacecraft of 2004 (1978)

The 1978 book Spacecraft 2000-2100 A.D. tells the story of futuristic spacecrafts in the past tense. That is to say, the book tells the "history" of the 21st century through different types of space vehicles.

The image below is of the TTA Colonial III spacecraft from page 49.

The Colonial was the first of the high-capacity freighters and in its life has undergone a number of major changes.

The early models bore no more than a passing resemblance to the one which is so familiar to us today. The Colonial I was first built in 2004 and was manufactured in the great TTA yards in North Africa with the specific task of transporting the massive amounts of equipment and materials required for the construction of the Lunar Research Station.

There's even a Spacecraft 2100-2200 A.D. which was released in 2006.

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