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The Millennium Bug (1998)

The Millennium Bug (1998)

The 1998 book The Millennium Bug by Michael S. Hyatt is pretty pessimistic about mankind's future, given the "Y2K problem." Ironically, Mr. Hyatt blogged more recently about cynics who are pessimistic about the future. He says that real leaders "look on the sunny side." Priceless turnaround.

As ridiculous as the hysteria over Y2K may have been, it was certainly more palatable than the current "2012" nonsense. Whatever happened to being afraid of a good, old-fashioned robot uprising?

My favorite warning from the front cover of the book says that the "illusion of social stability is about to be shattered . . . and nothing can stop it." If this is even remotely true, why buy this book? Do you feel as if you're living with the "illusion of social stability"? Might we all crack in a moment's notice? Does every generation feel so special as to believe they live in the End Times?

The rest of the supposed "catastrophic results" of the Y2K bug were outlined on the book's back cover:

  • Social security checks will stop coming.

  • Planes all over the world will be grounded.

  • Credit card charges will be rejected.

  • Military defense systems will fail.

  • Police records and emergency communications will be inaccessible.

  • There will be massive, long-term power failures.

  • Bank funds will be inaccessible.

  • Insurance policies will appear to have expired.

  • Telephone systems will fail to operate.

  • IRS tax records and government funds will be unavailable.

  • The Federal Reserve will be unable to clear checks.

  • Time security vaults will fail to open or close on time.

  • Traffic signals will fail to function.

  • Office systems will fail and your employer will go out of business. [ed. note: This seems rather specific. My employer will go out of business? It's as if you're pointing directly at me through this book. How did you do that, magic book?]

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