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Have You a Little Robot? (1929)

You like robots? Well, just hold your horses. They're not here yet. And until they are, you better ride our damn street cars.

That seems to be the gist of an ad the San Antonio Public Service Company took out in the February 17, 1929 San Antonio Light. There's an attitude of inevitability in the advertisement; the idea that the robot chauffeur is within immediate reach, that robot servants would arrive in the very near future. 

We see this come up time and again throughout the 1920s and 30s. The robots are coming. You best get ready. (But in the meantime, buy our product.)


Now comes the Robot -- the mechanical man with many of humanity's good features and none of its bad. He never makes mistakes -- always dependable -- in fact an ideal pet to have around.

Imagine having your own Robot drive you to the office in your own car. He, being a Robot, wouldn't get excited in traffic, wouldn't have an accidents, and you'd be able to forget about parking troubles.

Sounds mighty fine. But so far Mr. Robot hasn't learned to drive a car. And when he does it will probably cost you plenty for him to operate your old bus. Street cars and buses still hold the lead on the most desirable city transportation. Until Mr. Robot becomes a chauffeur you will find it more satisfactory to ride with us.

Convenience Without Expense. Service Without Danger.


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