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Manufactured Working Robots (1980s)

Manufactured Working Robots (1980s)

DC-1: Drink Caddy Robot (1979) - Android Amusement Corp

The Robot Exhibit: History, Fantasy and Reality was at the American Craft Museum (now the Museum of Arts and Design) from January 13, 1984 - May 11, 1984. These six robots appeared as the "manufactured working robots" of the exhibit and are featured in the book The Robot Exhibit: History, Fantasy and Reality. The manufactured robots were differentiated from the "handmade working robots" in that they were manufactured by corporations in an effort to educate, entertain or perform a specific function.

These robots seem to demonstrate the way in which we believed robots would evolve; as domestic servants, meant to cater to our needs through very literal, real-world applications. "Bring me another drink, TOT!"

It appears that some of the companies that produced these robots, like RB Robotics, are still around.

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Topo (1983) - Androbot, Inc.

robot exhibit 3 paleofuture.jpg

ComRo I (1981) - ComRo, Inc.

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Tot (1982) - ComRo Inc.

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Robocycle (1983) - Robot Repair (Sacramento, CA)

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RB5X: The Intelligent Robot (1982) - RB Robot Corporation

Women of the Year 2011 (1911)

Oil and Gas Will Eventually be Exhausted (1909)

Oil and Gas Will Eventually be Exhausted (1909)