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This Age of Power and Wonder (1930s)

This Age of Power and Wonder (1930s)

Companies of the early 20th century would often include collectible cards with their foodstuffs and tobacco smokes. The New York Public Library has an extensive collection of these cigarette cards available for viewing online, including many from a series by Max Cigarettes called This Age of Power and Wonder. This series from 1935-38 includes predictions of robot servants, spaceships, live television from exotic locations, and ubiquitous airports atop city high rises. Somewhat ironically for a cigarette manufacturer, card number six in this series of 250 predicted great advances in the treatment of cancer.

Wells Forecasts Space-Ships

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Television of the Future

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Our Future Servants?

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How London May Be Lighted

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The Amphibian At Work


Atomic Fuel

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Aerodrome of the Future

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War on Cancer

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What Happened to the Future?

What Happened to the Future?

Garco the Robot Retires (1961)

Garco the Robot Retires (1961)