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This Week in Time Capsules: Search For Hope After Sandy Hook Massacre

This Week in Time Capsules: Search For Hope After Sandy Hook Massacre

Sadly, this week's round-up of the latest time capsule news is rather somber. We have people in Newtown looking for a time capsule at the site of last year's brutal massacre, some prohibition-era workmen longing for the day when they can drink legally, and a 1965 church time capsule unsealed with a photo of nine men, only one of whom is still alive to see it.

1980 Capsule at Sandy Hook Elementary Sought Before School's Demolition

Officials in Newtown are hoping to find a time capsule that was buried near the Sandy Hook Elementary School before the building is torn down. Twenty children and six adults were brutally murdered at the school on December 14, 2012 prompting an unusually sustained national debate about gun control that has largely disappeared of late.

Local government official Pat Llodr told the Associated Press that they're searching for the capsule in an effort to preserve history: "It would be interesting to see what's in that time capsule — 11-year-olds writing about the future, things that they wanted people to know about their school and neighborhood." [CTPost]

Young Boy's Time Capsule Discovered By His Mother After 40 Years

A time capsule sealed in a plastic bag by an 8-year-old boy in 1973 was discovered by his mother recently after minor flooding in their Omaha home caused it to drop from the ceiling. As a columnist at the World-Herald explains, the boy wrote a note addressed to "whoever finds this" mentioning that Richard Nixon was currently president (he would resign the following year). The young child was very interested in telling people of the future about what was on TV, even including a listing from the local paper. "This year on Friday nights, they have 'The Partridge Family' and 'The Brady Bunch.' Here is a TV guide for you,” he wrote.

That young boy from Oklahoma, Wally P. Mullin, grew up to be an economist at George Washington University and currently works as an associate professor there. Mr. Mullin's favorite TV shows of 2013 could not be verified by press time, but if he has a Hulu subscription I'd recommend he check out that new show "Quickdraw." It's good for a chuckle or three. [World-Herald]

Thirsty Contractors From The Thirties Couldn't Wait For Prohibition To End

A time capsule from 1932 was recently discovered at a college in New Jersey. Hidden shortly before the end of alcohol prohibition in the U.S., the time capsule included a note stuffed inside a can of Prince Albert tobacco. The note was included by some men who were hired to remodel bathrooms at the college and mentions that "it was a very dry job." The men expressed their hope that people of the future might be able to enjoy a drink: "The finder of this note if the 18 Amendment has bin changed have a good Drink on us." Prohibition was repealed the following year. []

Church Opens Time Capsule With Photo of Nine Men, One Still Alive

A 1965 cornerstone time capsule was opened this past weekend at the First Baptist Church in Johnsonville, South Carolina. The time capsule contents included a bible, the sports section of the newspaper from the day before it was sealed, and a photograph showing members of the church. Of the nine members pictured only one, Archie Rhodes, is alive today. We can assume he was excited to see the time capsule unsealed, though his reaction seems rather stoic: “This has always been our church home and it always will be.” [Weekly Observer]

Iowa Town Will Open 1963 Time Capsule Discovered During Construction

The town of Neola, Iowa will open a time capsule from 1963 this coming Labor Day weekend at their annual Hoo Doo Days celebration. The capsule was found a few years ago while construction was occurring at the local high school. No word on what's inside, but if it's anything more interesting than the standard coins/bible/flag (not that there's anything wrong with the classics) you'll be sure to read about it right here next week. Same time capsule time, same time capsule station. [World-Herald]

Image: Getty Images "A police barricade blocks the road to Sandy Hook Elementary School on January 14, 2013"

This article originally appeared at Gizmodo.

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