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This Week in Time Capsules: Do You Even Lift?

This Week in Time Capsules: Do You Even Lift?

This week in our time capsule news round-up we have an iPhone in Florida ready to make a 110-year journey, a water-themed time capsule in L.A. that hopefully won't be a huge disappointment, and a peculiar hodgepodge of stuff in San Antonio from 1986 — including a Chili's menu and a weightlifting trophy.

Weightlifting Trophy Unearthed in San Antonio Two Years Late

A time capsule buried in San Antonio in 1986 was pulled from its temporary hiding spot this week—even if it was a couple years later than originally planned.

The time-traveling box included a few items that are incredibly common for 20th century capsules, including a phone book and some newspapers. But this particular capsule also had more than its fair share of wonderfully weird items, including old political signs, a weightlifting trophy, and a menu from Chili's.

The time capsule was supposed to be opened in 2011, but somebody "got their math wrong." When it comes to time capsules most people agree that it really is better late than never. Though judging by the angry comments I get whenever I post about time capsules younger than 100 years old, "never" might suit some of you just fine. [My San Antonio]

Florida County Seals iPhone, Letters From Kids in 110-Year Capsule

This past weekend Leon County, Florida sealed a time capsule which contains an iPhone, nearly a hundred photos, tape of a local newscast, and letters from children. As any regular reader of Paleofuture knows, those kids' letters to the future are pretty entertaining for the people of tomorrow. I suspect our kids here in the 2013 won't disappoint.

As part of Florida's ongoing Viva Florida 500 celebration of the area's "discovery" 500 years ago by Ponce de Leon, municipalities have been compiling time capsules, set to be opened on years deemed locally important. For Leon County, that year is 2123, when they'll celebrate the 300th anniversary of that area being chosen as the capital of Florida. [WCTV]

Los Angeles Natural History Museum to Dedicate 100-Year Time Capsule

On Wednesday, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County will dedicate a time capsule in conjunction with the 100 year anniversary of the L.A. Aqueduct. The capsule is scheduled to be opened in another hundred years. There's no word on what will be included, but it will all be on display at 5:30pm for any Angeleno who wants to check it out. Here's hoping it's not just a vial of water. [Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County]

1988 Capsule in UK Goes Missing, Foul Play Not Suspected For Some Reason

Placing a marker over your time capsule's location is one of the best ways to ensure that it will be found by future generations. But as we've seen time and again, that's not always a guarantee. Markers and the surrounding landscape can move. And sometimes, markers make it easier for thieves to prematurely dig them up.

A group of 250 people recently gathered near a marker at school in the UK to unearth a plastic bottle that had been buried underneath in 1988. Unfortunately for everyone in attendance, they found nothing. School officials don't suspect foul play, but it's hard to imagine any other scenario. The school plans to bury another 25-year capsule soon. Maybe this time they'll do what the people of 1988 should've done: hire 24/7 security for the next 25 years. It's really the least you can do as a good steward of time capsules. [This is Total Essex]

Mayor of Indiana City Unaware He's Surrounded by Time Capsules. Completely. Surrounded.

Twenty-five years from now people in Logansport, Indiana will unearth a time capsule and probably wonder how the hell they're supposed to read the gray shiny disc within. The city buried a time capsule with over 50 items this week, including not just a CD-ROM, but also newspapers, photos and Felix the cat paraphernalia. Apparently the famous cartoon cat became the local high school's mascot back in the 1920s.

The mayor, Ted Franklin, told the Pharos-Tribune that he wasn't aware of any other time capsules in the town. But I can guarantee that he's surrounded by them. Thanks to the American Bicentennial and the year 2000, I'm pretty sure if you tested the soil in Logansport, it would be 87% time capsule.

I mean, criminy! The Pharos-Tribune was even selling time capsules back in 1999! [Pharos-Tribune]


Top image: Screenshot of the time capsule sealing ceremony in Leon County, Florida from local TV news station WCTV

This article originally appeared at Gizmodo.

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