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Profile: the bread for dames and dolls (1959)

And here I thought that gendered bread was a relatively new thing. This ad for Profile Bread appeared in the January 15, 1959 issue of the Corsicana Daily Sun (Corsicana, TX).


The ad touts Profile Bread as a way for women to control their appetites:

There is all sorts of stuff you can eat before a meal to help control your appetite.

But Profile Bread brings you the delectable pleasure of a truly new bread treat -- that's why most folks are saying, "Profile Bread is my choice.

Brought to you by the bakers of Wonder Bread:

Thousands upon thousands of dames and dolls who never watch their weight enjoy this famous Profile Bread for its wonderful flavor and delectable toasting quality.

Drop a slice into your toaster -- hear those little wheat flakes pop and crackle -- taste the wonderful nut-sweet flavor.

Profile toast is a breakfast must in thousands of happy homes.

Profile is the only truly new kind of bread in a century of baking -- new in looks -- taste -- food value and toasting quality -- utterly new and different.

Profile Bread is being gobbled up so fast, your grocer may be sold out -- so place an order to be sure you get this wonderful new kind of bread or shop early before the mobs have taken it all away.

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