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Clifton's "Pacific Seas" Cafeteria (1940s)

After reading about today's unveiling of the old Clifton's Cafeteria facade in downtown Los Angeles, I thought I'd share this photo from the amazing book Orange Roofs, Golden Arches by Philip Langdon. 

There were actually six cafeterias opened by Clifford E. Clinton, starting with his first in downtown Los Angeles in 1931 (Clifton's is an amalgam of his first and last names).

The Clifton's Cafeteria pictured above is the "Pacific Seas" themed Clifton's, which was opened after Clinton's 1939 vacation in Hawaii. Clinton returned to Los Angeles with the idea for a tropical paradise themed restaurant. It was located at 618 S. Olive Street in Los Angeles but sadly closed its doors on June 17, 1960. A photo of the interior of the cafeteria is below.

The Clifton's that remains in downtown Los Angeles was purchased by a new owner in 2010 and is currently undergoing renovations.

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